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Pr. (uh-Nahm)

Definition: "Lawless" (Greek), "Other" (Latin), "Soul" (Irish Gaelic). 

Under the moniker ANAAM, consummate NYC vocal performer Cara Dineen (b. 1987) examines human vulnerability through her voice and compositions.  


As ANAAM, Ms. Dineen explores concepts of dichotomy, particularly “otherness and oneness” in her works and attempts to bridge gaps between seemingly oppositional forces: (i.e. acoustic/electronic music, audience/performer, and physical/abstract experiences).  


ANAAM's mission, to foster transformation through connection, manifests in both traditional and non-traditional musical performances, compositions, and collaborations.  Live performances often feature improvisationaudience interaction, and immersive staging to celebrate the “gift” of the present moment and to foster connection with those around us.

Current projects include:

  • Performances: Solo-Vocal Improvisations with "Loop/Effects" Station

  • Compositions: Electro-Acoustic Works, Songs, and Pieces

  • Collaborations: Across Multiple Disciplines

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